Loading / Unloading Help in College Station

Sarge's Moving Services also provides loading / unloading services for our clients in the Bryan / College Station area. Sometimes our clients only need help loading or unloading a moving truck they have rented and are planning to drive themselves across town (or even out of state). We have professional, experienced and polite movers in College Station standing by to help you with all of your local loading and unloading needs. When booking this service, if you give us a quick description of the items you will be loading or unloading our movers will even bring our own tools (dollies, 4-wheel dollies, tool bags and shrink wrap) so that the job is done safer, quicker and more economically.

Our Loading / Unloading Process

Our loading specialists are very experienced so you can rest assured that the truck will be loaded properly, heavier boxes on bottom, lighter boxes and boxes with contents marked fragile on the top and furniture stacked evenly so that the safest, smoothest and easiest destination unload will be possible.

Sarge's unloading teams are equally well versed with the unloading process so that your truck is unloaded in a safe, proficient manner. Our team of College Station movers will transition all of your belongings into your new home by putting down threshold protectors to maintain a safe and clean walkway as we enter and leave your home. We will be sure to get each box that is labeled into the corresponding room so your unpacking is as smooth as your move in.


Our typical charge is per loader / unloader per hour. In order to give our clients a better idea of our productiveness, we have designed a basic chart to tell you how long it takes how many loaders / unloaders to load or unload a rented moving truck based on that truck size and if there are stairs involved in the load or unload. This chart is based on our average time for loading / unloading and gives many of our clients the opportunity to book the number of men they need for the exact date and time they need them. For example, some clients may only need help loading / unloading the larger items and may book two loader / unloaders for 2 hours. We bill for the time we work, so if you think you need loaders / unloaders for 4 hours, and it only takes us 3 hours to complete the job, you will only be billed for 3 hours.