About Sarge's Moving

About Sarge’s Moving - A College Station Moving Company

Sarge’s Moving Services L.L.C. is a locally owned and operated Bryan / College Station moving company.  Our experience has taught us that moving needs may vary from client to client.  Still, one thing that remains the same is our dedication to provide the highest quality moving company services.

The most important part of any move is to first have a good moving plan. To have that you need to work with a good Bryan / College Station moving company (if your plan includes professional help).  After you have decided to move you need to narrow down the right moving date.  Next, you will determine what items you will be moving.  Thirdly, choose if you will be contracting with a professional moving company to help you with your move.

Sarge’s Moving Services, L.L.C. is a well-organized and reliable moving company that provides every client with a moving plan personalized to fit their exact needs. Sarge’s Moving offers clients access to not only our extensive moving experience, knowledge, technology, and well maintained equipment, but provides each client with information about who we are and what we do as a moving company. Our clients are confident when they choose our services because we provide detailed data about the exact services that will be provided for the move and the precise costs for the move based on their specific moving logistics.

About Sarge’s Moving Staff and Moving Equipment

Sarge’s single best asset is our professional staff. Highly experienced and extremely effective, our staff are courteous and understanding to each client’s needs. Professionally dressed and clean cut, our staff value appearance and quality. Without the highly motivated well trained members of our Team the quality moving services that we provide to our clients would not be possible.

We believe that if you take care of your equipment it will take care of you. Clean, well serviced equipment is essential to our company’s success- and is also highly valued by our team. Each day our job starts and ends with checking our moving trucks, moving tools/equipment and moving and packing supplies. Our movers arrive with our tools in place and our truck refreshed, organized and ready to work.

The Moving Company Estimate

Moving is hard work. Everyone at Sarge’s Moving gains a great satisfaction from not only a job well done the day of the move, but also from providing exceptional customer service throughout (and even well after) we have already moved our clients.  Having a moving company in your home can be a very personal experience. We gain our clients’ trust and respect by communicating effectively, moving their possessions safely and quickly as if they were our own belongings, and ultimately striving to provide a better overall moving experience for each client. Referrals are our number one source of business. There is no greater compliment than having a client tell us they will recommend us to their friends and family after a long hard day of moving.

At Sarge’s Moving we balance our professional staff, quality equipment, and exceptional customer service with equally effective technology. Our ever-evolving systems allow us (as well as our clients) to input and access information regarding moving quickly and effectively. With this information we can estimate moves faster.  Our website allows us to communicate estimated pricing and services requested more accurately.   We use our website and email to schedule moves more effectively-making the entire moving process more streamlined and economical. Our online estimate systems are easy to access and use by computer, tablet or smartphone.

Our Moving Referrals and Reviews

Referrals are a major source of business for us- in fact, over 90% of our business as a Bryan / College Station moving company comes from those referrals.  We provide our clients with unequaled moving services.  Our clients don’t hesitate to call us again or refer us to family or friends.