Residential College Station Movers

Residential Moving

We focus on residential moving by designing a moving plan that fits the customers' exact needs. We start all of our moving plans by first getting an idea of the date by which that client needs to be moved. Next, we make an exact inventory list of the items that client will be moving along with any additional services they request for their move. Collecting this information along with the origin and destination information allows us to know exactly what piece of equipment and how many professional movers we need to have the day of the move so that their move is safe, cost effective, and quick.

Apartment College Station Movers

Apartment Moving

Moving to a new apartment can be a challenge, especially if you are moving to another city, or from a large house into a smaller apartment. Sarge's can offer help to assess whether everything will fit into your new apartment or whether you will need to downsize. We can also help with storage and organizing your new apartment to make this move as simple for you as possible.

Loading & Unloading College Station Movers

Loading / Unloading Rental Trucks

Sometimes our clients only need help loading or unloading a moving truck they have rented and are planning to drive themselves across town (or even out of state). We have professional, experienced and polite movers standing by to help you with all of your local loading and unloading needs. When booking this service, if you give us quick description of the items you will be loading or unloading we can even bring our own tools (dollies, 4-wheel dollies, tool bags and shrink wrap) so that job is done safer, more economically and quicker.


Commercial Moving

Our commercial clients' logistical needs may vary from our residential clients' needs, but the level of service Sarge's Moving provides to each remains equally high. We start the commercial moving process by meeting with the company contact and identifying the most important aspects of that company's move-the time factors, logistics of the move, any storage and transport needs, office reconfiguration or layout needs, etc. Sarge's Moving then develops a moving plan using our knowledge and experience that best fits the company's needs, and effectively communicate the details of that plan to the company contact so that final details can be worked out and any questions can be answered.


Packing / Unpacking Services

Packing and Unpacking can be the most intimidating part of your move. Some of the questions that always seem to arise either before you get started or even halfway into the packing process are: "Where do I start? What materials do I need to do the job right? How much time and energy am I going to have to devote to getting completely packed before I can be moved?" If you decide you need help with a little bit of the packing or if you would like for us to pack your entire, house, office or apartment, Sarge's Professional packers are here to help!