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November 14, 2016

Professional Commercial Moving Services

Commercial Moving Services in The Bryan / College Station area.
Commercial Moving Services in The Bryan / College Station area.

Sarge’s Moving Services provides professional commercial moving services for companies across the Bryan/College Station area. Our commercial clients’ needs may vary from our residential clients’ needs, but the level of moving services Sarge’s Moving provides to each remains equally high.

How We Can Help with Commercial Moving Services

We start the commercial moving process by meeting with the company contact and identifying the most important aspects such as:

  • Time factors
  • Logistics of the move
  • Any storage and transport needs
  • Office reconfiguration or layout needs
  • Packing and unpacking needs

Sarge’s Moving then develops a moving plan and a detailed quote using our knowledge and experience that best fits the company’s needs. We will work closely with the company contact so that details can be finalized and any questions can be answered.

Commercial clients may need to be moved after normal business hours, which is a service we can readily plan for. As a result, we can plan to come in on Saturday or Sunday to accommodate normal business hours. Sarge’s Moving Services also uses tools and moving equipment specially designed to manage larger office furniture. Our team can:

  • Safely and quickly disassemble furniture on-site
  • Blanket, shrink wrap, and carefully transport furniture and electronics
  • Even reassemble a variety of office furniture.

If your company chooses to have each employee pack their own belongings, we can provide materials to save the company time. We can also bring our own crew and pack the company completely.

Another service that Sarge’s Moving offers many of our commercial clients is to receive, assemble and/or deliver any office furniture for their convenience.

Sarge’s Moving Services strives to exceed our clients’ commercial moving expectations and needs. Contact us today!


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November 8, 2016

Professional Residential Moving Services

Residential Moving Services in The Bryan / College Station area.
Residential Moving Services in The Bryan / College Station area.

Sarge’s Moving Services provides professional moving services for commercial and residential moves across the Bryan/College Station area. Our professional and knowledgeable staff of movers focuses on our clients’ residential moving needs by designing a moving plan that is tailored to them!

We start all of our moving plans by first getting an idea of the date by which that client needs to be moved. Next, we make an inventory list of all the items the client will be moving, and any additional services they request for their move.

Before each move we like to meet with our client at a time which is convenient for them to discuss our moving methods and services. This meeting presents an opportunity for us to provide our literature and moving knowledge, as well as answer any questions the client might have. This meeting also allows the client to interview Sarge’s Moving and determine whether Sarge’s is the right choice for them.

Once we have collected all the necessary information for the move, we submit it to the client for review. There is no obligation to sign with us at this point. If the client decides to use our residential moving services they simply sign the agreement and return it by email. The final step is to book their move for the date and time which they have decided upon.

How We Can Help with Residential Moving Services

We will not compromise on our promise to exceed our client’s expectations when we plan our moves. A few ways that Sarge’s Moving exceeds expectations is by providing:

  • Detailed Moving Plans
  • Clearly communicated moving contracts
  • Detailed insurance explanations and options
  • Professional, knowledgeable and experienced staff
  • Reliable, on time residential moving services
  • Economical moving services (we can plan a move that fits your budget)
  • Uniformed, well-groomed and polite movers
  • Clean, well-maintained and presentable moving equipment
  • Blanketed and shrink wrapped furniture for entire move
  • Careful packing, labeling and handling of all boxes
  • Furniture, appliances and electronics disassembling/reassembling as requested
  • Additional supplies on Move Day if needed
  • After the move follow-ups (it is important for Sarge’s Moving to know how your moving experience was. We want to know so that we can continue to improve our services!

Sarge’s Moving Services strives to exceed our clients’ moving expectations and needs. Contact us today with the link below to get started on your next move!


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